10 Awesome Sci-Fi Cakes

Get one of these rockin' cakes for your next Doctor Who marathon! Or... 'ya know... birthday, or whatever.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


1. Ripley's 40th Birthday Cake!

"Because I blew the cake out of the godd*mn airlock!"


2. Battle Star Galactica Cake!

"Mmmm…. Caprica Coconut…"


3. Boba Bundt Cake!


"And you'll be slowly digested over a (robot gasp) 1,000 years…"


4. Borg Cake!

"Resistance is Fruitle" (okay we get it, that one was lame)


5. Chestburster Cake!

I hope John Hurt tasted this good. 


6. HALO Cake!

Master Chief Cherry


7. Lord of the Rings Cake!

If you look closley you can see that one bat-sh*t insane guy try to burn his half-dead son.


8. Stargate Cake!

Roland Emmerich has never made something so tasty.


9. Stormtrooper Cake!

"This isn't the delicious frosting you're looking for."


10. Enterprise Deck Cake

"Set phasers for red velvet"


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