5 TV Dramas As Old School Video Games

Critically acclaimed dramas get a Nintendo makeover.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ever wonder what it’d be like to play your favorite show on Nintendo? The Fine Bros, Collegehumor and Doctor Octoroc are one nostalgic step ahead of you, adapting television’s most beloved dramas into old school video games. Now you’re playing with power – the power of emotionally-charged TV series.


Mad Men: The Interactive Game

Press the “A” button really fast to get super drunk, but be careful not to pee your pants.


Game of Thrones RPG

A Song of Ice and Freeze States


Dr. Who 16-Bit Intro

Whenever you pause, a gargoyle stares at you.


Battlestar Galactica RPG

Now I suspect Cylons evolved from Super Nintendos.


Breaking Bad RPG

I always wanted to cook meth in Secret of Mana – this is the next best thing.


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