10 Epic Hunger Games Spoof Videos

Talk about an Epic Meal Time

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

God who’s excited about the Hunger Games? I love this movie, when it was called Battle Royale, and the Running Man… Good times.

Check out these epic spoofs of the nations long awaited movie about teens killing teens… and look for my feature length script in about 10 years after everybody has forgotten about all this Katniss nonsense. “Katniss”… pfft, it’s not even a real name!

In no particular order, check out these Hungry spoof videos!

The Hungover Games

The Funny or Die crew has assembled an all star improv cast with some amazing talents from LA’s talent pool, including som Upright Citizens Brigade regulars, like Billy Merrit, Marisa Pinson, David Ferguson, James Pumphrey, and Starring – Ashley Hinshaw and Kathryn Hahn.

Though a little light on jokes, this is one of the better videos I’ve seen from FOD lately.



Evil Iguana Hunger Games Trailer Spoof

This is pretty tight, I mean the production value (mainly sound quality) could be improved upon, but the gags and jokes are overflowing on this chumpy.


I Wanna Go "Hunger Games" (Britney Spoof)

Did somebody say, Britney Spears Hunger Games Spoof/Parody, sexy girl in a skin tight dress break? Yes indeed.  While it’s a little lacking in the humor, a lyrical proficiency, it is overwraought with big bloue eyes… go lord Whitney Lee Milam, careful with those things! You could hurt someone!



The Hunger Games Game

Slumber party, more like Hunger party! Am I right girls? This is a pretty tight faux commercial for the board game every 80’s girl should have wanted.


The Hunger Games Trailer Ruined by Rob Pattinson

God dammed Pattinson.


The Hunger Games Book

finally here is something a bit different, you all know that even if a movie is based on a book, they’ll release a new version of the book based on the movie… and sometimes something else…


Hunger Games – Pickup Lines

Brought to you by the AskMen, it’s a tutorial to help you on your Dating Game  with lines from the Hunger Games


Hungry Games – A funny Hunger Games tribute

This video champions itselfs as “A slightly funnier take on any events from the book and more original than any other fan made thing out there.” So.. you decide.



The Hunger Pains

Before this even started,  I saw Rachel Bloom was in it and I knew it was going to be amazing… my expectations may have out lived the reality, but I did really enjoy every time Todd Fasen (Pita Malarkey) ran by smiling and waving. That was tits! Also, Rachel Blooms tits, are tits.


The Hamburger Games

And Finally .. something short and meaty.

Well time to end this list and leave you hungering for more.