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Today it’s gray skies in Los Angeles, and I’m procrastinating from studying from a mid term, and editing my latest Weird News video.. which means, more super video zou bisou bisou for you… whatever the crap that’s about.


Dailymotion  – Congressman Dons Hoodie Against Rules (link)

Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois punks congress for a worthy cause, to talk about racial profiling and the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. While the subject matter is not funny, the chairman’s reaction is laughable and makes Gregg Harper look inadvertently like a totally d-bag and racist.


College Humor – Skyrim Hoarders (link)

I’m guessing this is like super funny for those people addicted to Skyrim… or at least addicted enough, but that can still get up to go pee on their own.


Break  – Rock Climbing Toddler (link)

Let’s take a break from the comedy for this scary vision of the future. Here’s a kid that’s not worried about taking an arrow to the knee.

Btw this kid never heard of ropes?! WTF Parents?!


Dorkly – Fan Fiction Dragon Ball Z (link)

Yea take that Jason McNaily, You tiny peen’d toolbag.


UCB Comedy – Boycotted! (link)

Upright Citizen’s Brigade was, in my mind, inspirational to the new wave of comedy we see flourishing on the internet today. But for some reason the folks over at UCB comedy have decided to start featuring this awful series of short videos called ‘Jim-A-Day Calendar’ there’s one for each day, and the light is terrible, the writing’s not much better and I’m sick of it. So until they stop showing these I will continue to have this personal embargo (and this message) on the funny pages list, in my pants.


Funny Or Die – Coachella Ticket Unboxing (link)

And now time for the hotness with Erin Gibson as an uppity B from apt 23.

Not exactly the funniest knife in the crayon box, but certainly the most fappable of the plater.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and go unbox your wild thing.

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Here’s some bonus fun: