DVD Review: The Kate Logan Affair

Former 'Gilmore Girls' star Alexis Bledel tries to reinvent herself in a pseudo-erotic thriller. How does she do?

Devon Ashbyby Devon Ashby


From Entertainment One, psychological thriller The Kate Logan Affair is now available on DVD, starring doe-eyed Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls as a mentally unbalanced police officer intent on framing a hapless French businessman for kidnapping and rape. Kate Logan Affair is a halfway competent potboiler, but its lack of clearly established character motivation makes the second half in particular far more threadbare than it needs to be.

After apparently mistaking him for a serial rapist at large in the area surrounding her rural Canadian town, rookie cop Kate Logan (Bledel) invites visiting insurance executive Benoit Gando (Laurent Lucas) out for drinks, and then seduces him. Though married with an eleven-year-old daughter, Benoit can’t resist Kate’s waifish charms, and they begin a brief affair. Following their third encounter, however, things quickly spiral out of control when Kate’s gun is accidentally discharged in Benoit’s motel room, and Kate convinces Benoit to flee the scene with her. Claiming to be fearful of retribution from her superiors at the police department, Kate blackmails Benoit into accompanying her to a secluded hotel several miles away, ostensibly to hide out until things blow over. Only once they’ve checked in, however, will her true intentions be revealed.

Note: This DVD cover even misspells Bledel's name, adding insult to injury.

Kate Logan Affair isn’t an awful thriller, but it’s slightly underdeveloped, and its most distracting issues are related to characterization. It’s instantly hard to believe that Benoit wouldn’t call the police to report such a minor infraction rather than risk jail time and the loss of his career over an imaginary kidnapping, and Kate’s motivations for singling Benoit out are just as unclear, even if it does become obvious after awhile that she’s simply delusional and psychotic. Bledel’s performance is fine, but it’s basically the same assemblage of awkwardly shy, vulnerable mannerisms she perfected during her stint as a WB dramatist, applied to a different story, to achieve a different effect.

Entertainment One’s DVD is pretty spare aside from trailers. The movie itself looks fine, and isn’t completely unwatchable, but it’s not a particularly strong or recommendable thriller, mainly due to the flimsiness of the story and many abuses of the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. With some tweaking, the screenplay could have possibly been made stronger to more convincingly propel the action and reflect more dimensional characters, but as it stands, The Kate Logan Affair is half-formed and mediocre at best. Lastly, in case you were wondering, Alexis Bledel utterly fails to earn herself a Mr. Skin listing for this film despite discretely sexing it up onscreen a few times, so if your ears perked up when you saw it was a thriller with pseudo-erotic overtones, you’re barking up the wrong tree.