A New Showrunner Haunts ‘Supernatural’

Sera Gamble will depart the series as Jeremy Carver returns as the new co-showrunner.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

If Sam and Dean Winchester return for an eighth season of "Supernatural" on The CW, then they're going to have a new boss this fall.

Deadline is reporting that Sera Gamble will depart "Supernatural" after seven seasons, including her stint as the co-showunner with Robert Singer during the last two seasons. Following her exit, Gamble is said to be focusing on the development of new series for television.

In Gamble's place, Jeremy Carver will join "Supernatural" as the new co-showrunner with Singer. Carver previously spent three seasons on "Supernatural" as a writer, story editor and producer before eventually moving on to executive produce and showrun Syfy's remake of "Being Human" alongside his wife and partner, Anna Fricke. Now that Carver is going back to "Supernatural," Fricke will now be the sole showrunner on "Being Human."

The good news for "Supernatural" fans is that Carver's new position is a strong indicator that the series will be renewed for an eighth season. If season seven was going to be the end of "Supernatural," it's highly doubtful that the network would have lured Carver away from his current show to fill the gap left by Gamble's departure.

Furthering the case for "Supernatural" season eight is that it remains one of the top performers for the CW despite heavy competition on Friday nights opposite "Grimm" and "Fringe."

However, a firm decision on whether "Supernatural" will be back next fall has not yet been announced. But we should know more shortly before the end of the current season.