Basketball Player Erupts For 113 Point-Game

This foreign player re-wrote the record books on Tuesday.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Basketball is not just an American fad but is a worldwide phenomenon. There are leagues being run throughout countries whose names I would need spellcheck to decipher. The biggest of these leagues are run by FIBA, the Federal International Basketball Association, which is widely considered only second to the NBA in talent and name. In fact, many NBA teams keep a close eye on FIBA play hoping to find the next big international star to woo into the NBA with promises of money and fame.

Mohammad El Akkari of Moutahed is not one of those players that is coveted by the NBA. A 27-year-old guard in his 7th season with Moutahed, Akkari only is averaging 7.6 points in the 23 games he played up to Tuesday. After Tuesday, however, those stats are sure to change.

Moutahed beat Bejjeh in a Lebanese Division A league 'Final 8' game on Tuesday 173-141, and Akkari was very much a large reason for that win. In fact, he accounted for the majority of the points, reeling off 113 in the win.

That's right, He scored 113 points in a single game.

Akkari came out of nowhere with this scoring barrage. He banged in an astounding 32 three-pointers out of 59, and hit an amazing 40 out of 69 from the field. He also added one lonely free throw to the total.

“Thank god for this performance” Akkari said from the team bus on his way back to Tripoli. “I think it's all a result of my practice”

“I also want to thank my coach for letting me play that long and all my teammates for helping” he added.

The 113 performance was the first instance of a player scoring more than a 100 points in an official game played in any of the leagues in FIBA Asia National Federations. The hot shooting of Akkari has put him in the record books and has earned him the praise and admiration of his teammates.

“ He was awesome tonight” Akkari's American teammate Austin Johnson commented, “He started out shooting the ball very well and just continued to go. Our team realized that he was on fire so we kept feeding him the ball. Congrats to Akkari on a record-setting night. He deserves it from the way he works and stays focused.”

In the end, Akkari is only going to see an NBA game from a television screen but for one night, he was as good as any player in the world.

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