6 Parodies of Google’s Project Glass

Comedians take a good, un-augmented look at Google Goggles.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Google’s motto is “don’t be evil,” but I guess evil and creepily intrusive are two different things. This week, Google released a viral preview for Project Glass, aka Google Goggles, which show you a Google-powered “augmented reality” in front of your face 24/7. According to YouTube, I’m not the only one who’s a tad skeptical. Here are 6 parodies of Google’s Project Glass video:


A New Way To Hurt Yourself

At least Google Glasses can point out how many miles from the hospital you are.


ADmented Reality

I can’t wait to be constantly bombarded with reminders that New Girl exists.


Windows Project Glass

Stop asking me things!


World of Warcraft

Now you never have to leave WoW. Yay?


Our New Future

SkyNet: The Google Digital Defense Network


Project Vengeance

That’d be a pretty cool use for those glasses, actually.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!