Watson Wins Masters, Tiger Goes Haywire

A rising star named 'Bubba,' wins his first jacket while Woods looks childish.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

In a match that would still be under-stated when being described a thrilling, Bubba Watson defeated Louis Oosthuizen in a sudden-death playoff on Sunday to capture his first Masters championship.

South African native Oosthuizen made only the fourth double-eagle in the 76-year history of the tournament on the second hole, but was out-done soon after when Watson hit the shot of the weekend during the playoff–a gap wedge shot deep from the woods that hooked nearly 40 yards, landing approximately 10 feet from the cup. The unforgettable play will go down as one of the best clutch shots in the history of the sport, and it led to Bubba's first green jacket after he nailed the next putt for par.

"I've never had a dream go this far, so I can't really say it's a dream come true," Watson said. "I don't even know what happened on the back nine. … Nervous on every shot, every putt. Went into a playoff. I got in these trees and hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head, and somehow I'm here talking to you with a green jacket on."

In regards to the new 'shot heard around the world,' Oosthuizen was in disbelief as well.

"I had no idea where he was," Oosthuizen said. "Where I stood from, when the ball came out, it looked like a curve ball. Unbelievable shot. That shot he hit definitely won him the tournament."

Alongside his caddie Ted Scott while approaching the unlikeliest of shots, Watson shared his credo — "If I have a swing, I've got a shot."

"I attack. I always attack," Watson said. "I don't like to go to the center of the greens. I want to hit the incredible shot. Who doesn't? That's why we play the game of golf, to pull off the amazing shot…Hooked it about 40 yards, hit about 15 feet off the ground until it got under the tree and then started rising…Pretty easy."

The 33-year-old from Bagdad, Fla. now moves to No. 4 in the world after winning the fourth tournament of his career. He is the highest-ranked American in the sport and the fifth left-hander to win the Masters in the last 10 years.

Coming off a win at Bay Hill, Tiger Woods was a favorite entering the weekend. He ended up finishing with his highest score ever recorded at the Masters as a pro, finishing at 5-over-293, which was 15 shots behind the lead.

Unfiltered and exasperated emotion from Woods brought shocked reaction from the crowd. Following his frustration, Woods caused quite the scene, cursing almost uncontrollably and tossing clubs. After a poor shot on the 16th tee that landed in a bunker, Woods continued to throw down his club, completing his dissatisfaction with an abrupt kick of the club in front of the on-lookers lining the fairway.

"It was an off week at the wrong time," Woods said.

As of right now, 'Tiger' looks to be nothing but a cub, while a likeable guy named 'Bubba' controls the reigns of American golf.

Photo Credit: Zumapress/Icon SMI

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