New DC Solicits: Alan Scott, Tallulah Black and More

DC put out their solicitations for July, the #11s (for the most part). What looks the most interesting? Check and see.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Earth 2 #3

DC has released their solicitations for their books coming out in July, and given the New 52, they're almost all at #11, save the books from the second wave, which will be the #3s. Rather than parrot them all, we've instead distilled them into the most intriguing covers of the batch. Let's run 'em down and see what we have to look forward to, shall we?

First up is Earth 2 #3, which gives us the brand new origin of Alan Scott as the Green Lantern. This issue is also promising us the debut of a Hawkgirl, and the Jay Garrick Flash meeting his first super-hero.

Earth 2 #3


Speaking of GL, what's going on in Earth Prime/Earth One/New Earth or whatever they're calling the main New 52 Earth these days as far as Green Lantern goes? Well, this #11 cover sure looks foreboding. The Revenge of the Black Hand starts here, and he's likely pissed after being enslaved by the Indigo Tribe for so long.

Green Lantern #11


In other GL news, Green Lantern: New Guardians is currently dealing with Invictus, an age-old enemy of Larfleeze. In GL:NG #11, we've got an image of Larfleeze wielding spectral Orange Lantern versions of Kyle Rayenr, Bleez and the rest of the spectral team. Normally, he's gotta kill people and take their essences to do that. Dare we think that Agent Orange is going to wipe out the entire cast?

Green Lantern: New Guardians #11


Next up, we've got Wonder Woman #11. If the Amazons being turned into Sex Pirate Spartans didn't turn you off of the book, you might be curious as to what she's doing on a throne. Seems she's all that stands against Apollo trying to seize that throne, which happens to belong to the absentee Zeus. And apparently, her pal Zola is going to go into labor. Has it been nine months already? Wait, this is the Zeuschild. All bets are off. And by the by, they're promising another "hideous secret" is being revealed here. Can Diana TAKE any more hideous secrets being revealed? This book has been chock full of them.

Wonder Woman #11


Now, there's Aquaman #11, which is just a badass cover, now that we've seen the arrival of the nefarious Black Manta. Don't really need much more than this one. Sometimes a cover is just cool.

Aquaman #11


When we look at Batwing #11, questions begin to arise. We know that David Zavimbe has come to Gotham to put an end to his brother Massacre's reign of terror, and we've seen that he's taking part in the adventures of the Justice League International, and he'll still be in the JLI by #11. In his own book, though, he's still teaming up with Nightwing – apparently to face down a Beijing gangster. That's fine, but one has to wonder whether or not this is going to be another situation like Black Panther: Man Without Fear, where they took an African hero and tried to shove him into a more "western" role despite the preferable uniqueness of the African setting. If this helps people come to Batwing, it's all well and good, but let's hope there's not some contrived excuse to keep him away from where his life is.

Batwing #11


Now, All-Star Western #11 looks pretty damn cool, and it gives us the return of Tallulah Black, who is basically the female Jonah Hex – a little bit crazier, but every bit as hardassed. It also looks like they're still tangling with the ancestors of the Court of Owls, what with the Lord of Assassins apparently sporting a steam-powered death machine to wield against the two scarred gunslingers.

All-Star Western #11


And lastly… Rob Liefeld's Deathstroke #11. Sigh.


Deathstroke #11