‘XIII: The Series’ Comes To ReelzChannel

Stuart Townsend and Aisha Tyler's comic book inspired TV show finally comes to America.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Outside of America, Jean Van Hamme and William Vance's "XIII" is one of the best known comic book series in the world. And while "XIII" isn't likely to overshadow superheroes like Spider-Man in the U.S. anytime soon, the series may finally get another chance to catch on in this country.

According to Deadline, ReelzChannel has acquired "XIII: The Series," a French-Canadian TV series that adapted the comic book starring Stuart Townsend ("The Nightstalker") and Aisha Tyler ("Archer"). "XIII: The Series" will make its U.S. debut in June.

"XIII: The Series" debuted in 2011 and featured Townsend in the title role as a former intelligence operative who is on the run from a clandestine organization while attempting to recover his lost memories and discover his true identity. Tyler portrayed Special Agent Lauren Jones. XIII's closest ally with Virginie Ledoyen (pictured above with Townsend and Tyler) as Irina Svetlanova, a Russian mercenary whose attempts to win XIII's trust may hide her true allegiance.

The events of the TV series spin out of the 2008 television miniseries, "XIII: The Conspiracy;" which aired domestically on NBC and featured Stephen Dorff as XIII and Val Kilmer as his antagonist, Mongoose.

A second season of "XIII: The Series" is currently being filmed in Toronto, but it isn't clear if Tyler will be returning to the show since she is now one of the co-hosts of "The Talk."

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