6 Live-Action Versions of 90s Nicktoons

Hey Arnold, Doug and more brought to (Rocko’s Modern) life!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Are ya ready kids? Whooooooo brought classic Nicktoons from the 90s to life? YouTube users! Their search for costumes must have caused them much strife. YouTube users! These parody lyrics are almost through. (YouTube users!) Here are 6 live-action versions of 90’s Nicktoons:


Hey Arnold: The Movie

Hey Arnold! Go to the police!


Doug: The Movie

It’s like GarDoug State.


Rocket Power Live Action

Yeah, sports that aren’t extreme are pretty stupid.


SpongeBob SquarePants Claymation

But where are those wonderful singing raisins?


Rocko’s Modern Life – Wacky Deli (Live-Action)

Ralph Bighead, you are a genius.


Rugrats: The Live-Action Movie

To be fair, Angelica gets inside all our heads.


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