Donald Glover Returns To ’30 Rock’

The "Community" costar will step into the role of... Tracy Jordan?!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For three years, Donald Glover was a writer on "30 Rock" before eventually going on to land a leading role in "Community." But later this month, Glover will be back on "30 Rock" in an unexpected way.

According to TVLine, Glover will make a guest appearance on "30 Rock" during the live taping on Thursday, April 26. And rather than reprise his cameo role from previous "30 Rock" appearances, Glover will step into Tracy Morgan's shoes and portray Tracy Jordan as a much younger man.

The plot of the live episode revolves around Liz (Tiny Fey) and Jack (Alec Baldwin) attempting to transition TGS from a live show into a taped show, with resistance specifically coming from Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) — the long time NBC page turned Standards and Practices flunky turned janitor — who attempts to save the TGS live tradition by reminding the TGS crew of their shared history on the show.

Glover's appearance as Tracy will happen during flashback sequences to earlier seasons on TGS.

“Donald does an excellent Tracy Morgan-slash-Jordan impression,” noted "30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock; who pointed out to TVLine that this isn't the first time that Glover has stood in for Morgan.

“Tracy wasn’t available, so Donald came in and [performed the lyrics to "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" during '30 Rock' season one],” explained Carlock. “I don’t think you can tell. It’s pretty remarkable. All the spoken stuff is Donald doing Tracy.”

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