6 Super Hero Auditions

Who will save our super hero movies!?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

College Humor created this series of super hero audition videos, in which super heroes audition to join a Justice League/Avengers style team. But I think with the last few Super Hero movies on their way, we can use these to revitalize a passing fad.

While the Avengers seems to be that last big Super Hero franchise release on the horizon, maybe Hollywood should reconsider a few minor characters before they move completely away from Marvel’s gravy train to whatever the next dime store trend is. I’m guessing Aliens. But I always guess Aliens!


The Wonder Twins

If you’re like me, you always thought there was something fishy about a borhter sister team that worn skin tight purple spandex suits and hung around a blue alien monkey. I mean purple, really? Reeeeelay?!

Also this sketch is the first time I’ve seen a girl go that far inside a guy… vomit! Sure she was a turtle, but that doesn’t make it alright! I’d still bang her… as long as she doesn’t turn in to an animal during…


Falcon (with Keegan-Michael Key)

Familiar is like the Aquaman of the birds! Or rather a super hero for the birds…

I’d be ok with a Falcon movie… It’d still be better than Green Lantern.


Dazzler (with June Diane Raphael)

Mostly this reminds me of that super hero with the skateboard… I totally forget that little dudes name, but he was hanging out with Spiderman that one time… or was it that Silver Surfer. Oh yea, that’s what I want… A GOOD SILVER SURFER MOVIE! Stupid Hollywood.


The Whizzer (with Chris Masterson)

Actually all jokes aside, I’d like the see Chris Masterson do… at the very least a web series playing the Whizzer in this vein. This is the best of these videos!


The Powerpuff Girls

Am I a bad person for saying, I wish they were hotter?


Bionic Woman (with Mimi Rogers)

I now want to create a super hero called the Moronic Woman. We Can Rebuild her! We can make her Dumber!

Ok fine, maybe we won’t find a good franchise to excite the world audience. Maybe the Rein of super heroes is over. What do you think should be the next big movie trend?


Call Backs


Check out this video about a Superman fan who took things too far!