Archie Goes A-Gender-Swappin’

Get ready to get confused, when Archie becomes Archina, and is courted by Ronnie and Billy.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


Archie Comics have already established themselves as very friendly to the LGBT community, thanks to Kevin Keller and his lovely gay marriage, and now they're going to explore the T of LGBT… sort of. Not really. But it looks like Sabrina the Teenage Witch is going to wave a magic gender-swap wand over the kids at Riverdale, so they all get to see how the other half lives. One step closer to maybe actually dealing with real transgender issues somewhere down the line? It's entirely possible.

Gender-swapping is a popular enough pastime in certain fan circles (often the circles that include fan fiction) that it's got its own genre of fan-fiction, and this is just one more way to illustrate that Archie Comics, which on the surface feel like old-school throwbacks, are entirely with the modern scene. Ol' Crosshatch-Head and his pal Jughead seem to think girls have it easy, while Betty and Veronica take umbrage at that implication – and thus, magic solves everything. Or, in this case, confuses everybody.

Check out these cover images to Archie #636. Is it at all possible that the implication of Ronnie and Billy double-groping Archina was in any way accidental? Will this issue inspire some folks put the Q on the end of LGBT (that would be 'Queer/Questioning,' for the uninitiated) and count themselves among their numbers? Who knows? This looks like fun, though, at the very least.


Archie 636


Archie 636