Funny Pages – Tupac… too soon

Coachelle brought Tupac back, but you can’t keep a good video down!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Check out today’s collection of front page video hits, from German rocking 8 year olds to Nerds in Love. This could be one of the most awesome Funny Pages yet!


Dailymotion  – Rammstein Sonne (cover) – Children Medieval Band (link)

While Tupac’s Coachelle resurrection is all the rage on twitter, I think these little kids are the real miracle with their ressurection of this Rammstein classic!


Break  – Nerd Dating 101 (link)

Now lets take a quick look across the pond where the hair is super spikey, the accent is all gobbled wobbley and Chicks are 85 level WOW players!

WTF is happening in this video, it’s like some other language! And I don’t mean the accents!



Comedy Central – The Handlers: Prostitute (link)

Remember Jack Power doesn’t just bang whores! But Bryan Cranston rules!



College Humor – Homeless future (link)

See, even in the future bums are the same… purple.


Dorkly – Toad House Is Rigged (link)

See I knew it Toad is a sneaky little bastard! And not in the John snow cool kind of way.


Funny Or Die – Texting with Girls (Dangerously Delicious Preview) (link)

Dear Aziz, you can come to my pizza party anytime. And yea, that means what you think it means.. there’s gonna be cheese and sauce everywhere. Maybe pesto.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and text away!

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Here’s some bonus fun: