Historectomy 33 Who WAS the Fattest President? And Other Historical FAQs

7 Historical FAQs that you NEED the answers to before you DIE. I promise it'll be fun.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


How crazy was Howard Hughes? Was Errol Flynn a Nazi? Who was the fattest American President? Who is the most interesting candidate for Jack the Ripper? Who said Elvis was still alive? Did Nero play the fiddle as Rome burned? And who was the first person to be circumcised? WE GIVE YOU ALL THE ANSWERS!!!    


Also in this episode: Wishing on your death wish, being terrible at landings doesn’t ruin your reputation, we give you the Italian version of Indiana Jones, you’d be peeing in a bottle too if you downed that much Red Bull, Christian misses you Jennifer Connley…and really wants to fight William Howard Taft, “I’m the King of America!”, we drop some major hate on Wisconsin, and you want to fight us? HUH!? BRING IT!

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