Jim Beaver Previews His ‘Supernatural’ Return

The actor promises that Bobby Singer has "got some fight left in him."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this season on "Supernatural," the Leviathan leader, Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) killed Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer, leaving the Winchester brothers without their mentor and father figure. However, several strange incidents hinted that Bobby's spirit had stayed behind to aid the Winchesters and get revenge against Dick Roman. And during the final moments of the most recent episode of "Supernatural," Bobby's ghost was seen for the first time.

With the final five episodes of "Supernatural" season seven starting tonight at 9pm, Beaver dropped some hints about Bobby's new status quo during an interview with TVLine.

“Bobby’s going to find there are certain advantages to being a ghost,” said Beaver. "Initially, a lot of what we’ll see is Bobby trying to get his feet under him in this new condition. Bobby’s trying pretty hard to hang on to being a hunter even though he’s in this new state. But a lot of his old hunter skills don’t work anymore."

When you’re a ghost, you can’t do all the things you could do when you weren’t a ghost," continued Beaver. "A lot of this stuff is really tough for him to figure out. But it’s going to be some of the fun, seeing how he grows as an effective ghost and a lot of the frustrations that he experiences."

Beaver also hinted that Bobby's ability to communicate and help the Winchesters may grow exponentially before the end of the season.

"At first, it will be in little ways like we’ve seen – getting messages or weapons to the boys when they need them," noted Beaver. "As [Bobby] becomes more in command of his abilities as a ghost, he gets more and more effective in helping the boys and, to a certain extent, taking the battle to Dick and the Leviathan himself. It won’t be entirely just Bobby helping the boys fight Dick. Bobby’s got some fight left in him."

One of the biggest downsides to being a ghost on "Supernatural" is that several spirits become overly vengeful and even crazy. According to Beaver, Bobby knows that this may be his fate as well. But it's less clear if Bobby can avoid that danger even if he's actively resisting it.

"[Bobby is] well aware of what happens to lingering spirits," admitted Beaver. "He’s convinced that because he knows [about] that he can head it off and outsmart destiny, I guess. That is going to play a substantial role in his immediate future, trying to head off what fate seems to decree for ghosts. Maybe he’ll be successful."

Bobby Singer will play a pivotal role in tonight's new episode of "Supernatural," which is called "Of Grave Importance." The seventh season finale of "Supernatural" will air on Friday, May 18.