7 Street Fighter Babies

Go home and be a family baby!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The worldwide Street Fighter tournament is no place for kids… except for these few Street Fighter baby prodigies, who feel they are ready to tangle with the likes of Ryu, Zangief and Blanka for the right to challenge the dreaded M. Bison. Attack these children if you dare – they may or may not crush you. Here are 7 Street Fighter babies:



Afterwards, the baby made a Sonic Boom.


A Tiny Challenger Appears

You are not a warrior; you’re a baby!


The Littlest Street Fighter

Witness the dreaded cry attack combo.


Practicing Special Moves

I love how embarrassed he was to tell his wife where those phrases are from.


More Practicing Special Moves

Shoulda named her Chun-Li, or at the very least, Cammy.


A NEW Tiny Challenger Appears

Almost got two in one spin kick. So close.


Baby Defeats M. Bison

The best Street Fighter strategy is hitting the buttons.


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