Next Call of Duty Debuts May 1st

Hold onto your butts, Activision teases an upcoming world premiere.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Activision made an announcement this morning announcing that they intend to pull back the curtain on the next Call of Duty game on May 1st during the NBA playoffs on TNT. The game is expected to release this November, as is par for the course with new Call of Duty titles.

Recent rumors suggest the title will be a sequel to 2010's Black Ops, which was developed by Treyarch. However, leaked promotional material at GameStop points to a potential name of Call of Duty: Eclipse. Whatever the game may be called, you can undoubtedly expect guns, explosions and thinly-tied-together plots. It wouldn't be Call of Duty without these staples. 

As we lead up to the May 1st reveal, will be unveiling "classified" images for fans to decipher. One is currently available for code breaking, so break out your photoshop skills and see if you can make something of it. I see a lima bean in a cloud of smoke. But that's just me. 

We'll be back with more news about the next Call of Duty when we know it.