5 Ways YouTube Improved Your Life

Oh, YouTube, where would we be without you?

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

7 years ago today (April 24) YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, or to go by his username 'Jawed', uploaded the first ever video onto YouTube. The video, entitled 'Me at the zoo', was the beginning of what we now know as the world's most popular video-sharing website.

To celebrate this day here are 5 ways that YouTube has changed your life:


1: You can watch animals doing people things.

If you had wanted to see an animal do something funny a decade ago you had to go out, pick one up from the pet shop and then patiently wait for it to do anything other than eat and poo. Fortunately, with YouTube we now get to watch cats trying to understand the concept of a treadmill without actually having to own any bastard cats.


2: You feel more confident in yourself.

You've been working 9-5 in a job you don't enjoy for a boss you hate earning a wage that barely supports you, but hey, at least you're not Brad.

Brad is just one of many who belong to the YouTube sub-genre 'Oblivious Narcissists', who record ill-conceived self-promotional videos of themselves in the hopes that someone somewhere will take notice of their 'talent' and turn them into an overnight sensation.

Unfortunately for these people they do become overnight sensations, but for all the wrong reasons.


3: You now value your awful job.

As previously mentioned, your job sucks. However, your job doesn't require you to climb 1768 feet up a transmission tower, so maybe tomorrow afternoon when the printer malfunctions just before a deadline again you should think twice before handing in your notice and going all Office Space.


4: You have knowledge of every prank in the known Universe.

From the simple-yet-classic 'Scare Drunken Neighbour With Mike Myers Costume' (above) to the award-winning Wooden Spoon prank, YouTube has given you unparalleled access to the world of pranking, providing you with an almost infinite list of tricks and techniques in order to ensure that none of your friends/family ever trust you/fall asleep in your presence ever again.


5: It broadened your sexual horizons.

Before YouTube you would never have known that people getting off to videos of a guy wearing an inflatable Superman costume was 'a thing', nor would you have known that some are turned on by the sight of a guy stomping fruit and vegetables with his wellingtons. Actually, I kind of preferred not knowing.