5 Reasons Why I’m Building a Gaming PC

I've dropped the bucks and am waiting on the parts to arrive.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

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I used to game on the PC in the 90s and early 2000s. Then, college caught up with me and my budget for rigs and parts went down the toilet. While I realize you can get a gaming PC built inexpensively, I was so broke that even that was unachievable.

Now? I finally have the scratch to throw down on a machine. I've ordered the parts and am waiting for them to get to my house. In the meantime, I figured I'd bust out a list of discussion-enticing reasons for my decision to add PC gaming to my arsenal.

The Console Rumors Scare Me

Xbox 720

It's true, I've been frightened by the rumors surrounding the video game consoles of tomorrow. One of them in particular has pushed me towards PC gaming for life. If it winds up legit, I'll never buy a console using this "feature."

I'm talking about the rumor that the consoles of tomorrow will not play used games and require constant-on internet connections. Whether they achieve that through the absence of physical media or by way of crazy, disc-based DRM, there's been word that platform manufacturers are looking to get away from the used game space for good.

That means the manufactures, not the market, will control the prices of games. That's scary. If you need to know why that's scary, take a look at the prices of full Xbox 360 games on the XBLA marketplace. They're high.

The Indie Game Scene

Nitronic Rush

It's not that the consoles are without indie games, it's just that the PC world has them in much more prevalence. I'm looking to game with a bunch of titles that most of the world will never know, see or play. That means I need to get a halfway decent rig together in order to dive face first into the world of indie games.

I do so with a ton of excitement.

Major PC Exclusives

Diablo III

Stuff like Diablo III is a huge reason for my decision to build a PC. I know Diablo III will work on a Mac; but, I just tried the beta weekend with my MacBook Pro and the game churned and lagged along at an agonizing pace. It was rough.

I want to be able to enjoy PC exclusives when they come out. I want to live for the RTS scene, the sim scene and the land of Diablo III. I miss it so, so much.

Sales, man!


Steam sales, Humble Bundles and the stuff digital purveyors hock out at stupid low prices are a big reason for my decision to build a rig. I'm a Mac gamer right now (does that even exist?), and I've seen Steam sales come and go. The amount of money I could save while snagging amazing games is astounding. I want to take advantage of that world, and I want an enormous, unwieldy Steam library.

The Free-to-Play Era

Tribes Ascend

Mikey basically sold me on the notion of free-to-play games with his recent write-up of Tribes. Free games are actually cutting edge these days. They offer a ton of content for very little cost, and they're quality games.

I'll be playing League of Legends, Firefall and Tribes before next week begins. Where will you be?