Batman Crashes 6 Birthday Parties

I… am… Birthdayman!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you get a clown to come to your kid’s birthday party, their aim will be to make the kids laugh. If you get Batman to come to your kid’s birthday party, you never know what you’re gonna get: moodiness, weird dancing, a guy who will beat up your clown thinking it’s The Joker – but I guess not knowing is part of the fun? Here are videos of Batman visiting 6 kids’ birthday parties:


The Dark Knight Birthday

The dad is way more into this Batman than the mom or kids. Makes sense.


Batman and “Friends” Dance Party

Superheroes dance in a very unsettling way.


Ethan’s 4th Birthday: Batman-Style

Watch out for that zooming picture of Michelle Pfeiffer, Bat-Kid!


Crying Children Get A Batman Birthday

These kids really hate that gorilla.


Batman Screws Up His Bat-Entrance

Shoulda used his grappling hook.



If there’s a Bat-Hound, why not a Bat-Cake?


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