God of War: Ascension Preview

Sony Santa Monica brings competitve multiplayer to their iconic franchise. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It’s been a few weeks since the God of War: Ascension teaser trailer was released to the public, and buzz and speculation have flooded the internet ever since. But nobody could have predicted where the good folks at Sony Santa Monica Studios were taking us…


That’s right Kratos fans, at a recent press event, GoW:A Game Director Todd Papy gave an exclusive first look at the game’s newest feature: competitive multiplayer.

The multiplayer feature has players creating their own Spartan warrior. You will have a choice during character creation to worship one of four gods; Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Aries. Each god grants specific abilities, weapons and armor. As you battle in different multiplayer modes and gain experience points, new weapons, armor and abilities will become available for your warrior.

Only a few weapons were seen in the demo we were shown. Different spears, swords, hammers and shields were seen, though it is not clear which weapons were attributed to which gods. Each player did, however, have a chain weapon similar to Kratos’ blades of chaos.


The game mode previewed at the event is called "Domination," a 4v4 battle to take down a titan-sized Cyclops. The Cyclops is ensnared in a series of chains connected to cranks and the two teams battle to restrain it and gain a Spear of Olympus; the spear is then used to battle the other team and to kill the Cyclops.

According to Papy, there will be 5-7 different multiplayer maps. There are also several multiplayer modes still in development, though it was unclear what those modes might be. Also, at this point, Kratos will not be available as a character in multiplayer and it is still undecided whether or not female characters will be introduced.

Unfortunately, details on the single player story mode have yet to be revealed.

Now sit back and enjoy these screenshots from God of War: Ascension's multiplayer mode. Click to enlarge each.

gow_asc_character gow_asc_mp_2 gow_asc_mp_3

gow_asc_mp_4 gow_asc_mp_5