First Skyrim Expansion Announced

A teaser image and a title begin the hype train for the game’s first expansion.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Bethesda has announced the existence of the first Skyrim expansion on their blog today. The post simply displays an image of our default Dovahkiin hero with glowing orange eyes, the name “Dawnguard,” and a launch window of summer for the Xbox 360.

Here’s the teaser image in full:


Unfortunately, no further details were provided. Bethesda points our attention to this year’s E3, where we’ll learn more about the upcoming expansion. But that’s, like, so far away

For the time being, Dawnguard is a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. Odds are it will come to PC and PS3 at a later date, if previous Bethesda DLC is any indication.

In other Skyrim news, the Kinect patch is now live for Xbox 360 owners. Now, go, get shouting at your television!