‘Fringe’ Producers Deny Filming Alternate Season 4 Ending And Tease Season 5

The producers also hint at the possible return of a sci-fi legend.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

A few weeks ago, "Fringe" star John Noble indicated to reporters that two endings had been filmed for the fourth season finale, with the implication that one of the endings would potentially wrap up the series if a renewal wasn't in the cards.

Fortunately, "Fringe" is coming back for a fifth and final season next fall. However, fans shouldn't expect to see that alternate ending anytime soon.

 “We did not shoot an alternate ending,” said "Fringe" executive producer, J. H. Wyman during a conference call held earlier today (via TVLine). “We thought about it, but we did not [film it].” 

Last Friday's episode of "Fringe" appeared to close the chapter on the alternate world and Seth Gabel's Lincoln Lee, who opted to stay behind with the other Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and her team. While "Fringe" executive producer Jeff Pinkner reiterated that the Bridge between universes was gone, he didn't rule out the possibility of checking in with the other universe or recreating the Bridge in the future.

“[The Bridge] is closed because of the problems that David Robert Jones is causing," noted Pinkner. "So if our team can somehow dispense with Jones, there is absolutely a possibility of that door being open again.” 

“Seth [Gabel] is spectacular and awesome," added Pinkner. "But as for his standing going forward, to say anything about that would be also to reveal things that are coming ahead,” 

Possible Spoilers Ahead! If you're not up-to-date with the series, stop reading now!

In the 19th episode of the current season, "Letters of Transit;" it was implied that Leonard Nimoy's William Bell had somehow survived his apparent demise in the current timeline. The only problem with that is Nimoy very publicly retired from on-camera acting after appearing in the second season finale of "Fringe." Nimoy's only subsequent appearance on the series was via voiceover during an animated segment in the third season.

Regardless, Wyman and Pinkner expressed optimism that Nimoy will return and indicated that the storyline will work even if Nimoy refuses to come back.

“Once you kind of realize the extent of everything, it will probably become clear why we’re not [writing ourselves into a corner],” explained Wyman.

Pinkner jokingly added “We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard’s house that says, ‘Please come back to Fringe,’ and we are hoping that by Season 5 he says yes.”

And regarding the events in 2036 laid out in "Letters of Transit," Wyman admitted that “[the] future [timeline] is important to our storytelling, but it’s the not the be all and end all.”

The first part of the fourth season finale of "Fringe" airs this Friday, May 4 on Fox.