7 Surprisingly Acrobatic Dogs

There's nothing in the rulebook about dogs entering the Olympics. (Presumbaly)

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When I go to someone’s house who has a dog, they try to impress me by demonstrating that their dog can sit and roll over. BOOOO-RIIIING. Maybe in a world before YouTube that would have been impressive, but check out these dogs – who aren’t even in competition – doing amazing back-flips and such. Now these are some goddamn canines. Here are 7 surprisingly acrobatic dogs:


Chain Balancing

If a squirrel runs by, the trick is ruined.


Tree Bouncing

That dog deserves a treat, and by that I mean food, not the privilege of a job well done.


Ring Balancing

Bite your way to glory, dog.


Precision “Play Dead”

It’s like the owner is using Jedi mind powers to control the dog.


Stair Flipping

Tidus, winners poop outdoors.


Tree Wriggling

Putting up with people’s bullshit should be an Olympic sport.


Frisbee Freakout

Frisbees are the key to unlocking acrobatic intensity in dogs. It’s a Frisbee-shaped key hole.


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