Historectomy 35 Tastes Like Human!

You could be incredibly edible to this Scottish cannibal family: the Sawney Beane Clan!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller



Christian and Sam wet their taste buds and cover a Scottish family that liked to ingest MORE than haggis. Okay, that was a Mike Meyers-esque Scottish cheap shot but guess what, this story is a comboniation of hilarious, sad, horrifying, and oddly…musical. Listen in for more!



Also in this episode: How Moneyball influences the murder ratios of serial killers, great names for English tarts, how one night can change the son of a ditch digger, what was the class system on Tatooine?, in a galaxy far far away everyone has a laser spear, we get back on topic, garf is the most entertaining form of golf, over 48 people the product of incest! Cool!, the ONLY time you’ll hear about the original film Judge Dredd this year, Sawney Beane Clan VS The Ninja Warrior, and goodbye Ruby Tuesday the cannibals are brutally slaughtered! SPOILERS!