Man Rams Golf Cart Into Group

In a case of 'golf rage' one man goes 'Happy Gilmore' on an annoying group in front of him.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Golf. It used to be such a pristine sport.

With the majestic courses that are meticulously maintained, and it's regal, almost royal air of sophistication, the sport has always been up near the top as the ultimate gentleman's game.

Apparently 61-year-old James Hines didn't get that memo, as this past Saturday police were called to the Jacksonville Beach Golf Club due to some violent actions of an ungentlemanly Mr. Hines; actions that mainly consisted of ramming his golf cart into people and committing various other means of violence to assault others.

Shortly before 5 pm on that Saturday, police responded to a call at the golf club that two groups of golfers were involved in fights with golf clubs. According to reports, the main aggressor was Hines, and boy did he have a rage moment.

Apparently, enraged that the group in front of him wasn't following proper golf etiquette; they were driving over the greens, drinking, and not moving at a stately pace from hole to hole, Hines smacked a golf ball at the group. They responded by throwing the ball back at Hines, starting a yelling match between the two groups.

Soon after, further enraged, Hines hopped into his golf cart and accelerated towards the other group. He crashed into the other group on the 18th, pinning one victim between two carts and running over another. Hines then leapt out of the cart swinging a golf club, hitting one, and starting a fight between the two groups.

The police soon arrived, and after getting the facts, arrested Hines and charged him with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Two of the victims sustained minor injuries as a result of the incident, but both declined to be taken to the hospital. Instead they were treated on scene by emergency rescue personnel.

In the end, Hines' rage not only cost him one good day of golf, but maybe many others depending on the sentence he will receive. Either way, it's doubtful he'll be seeing a golf course for a little while, much to the relief of every other golfer in Florida.

Photo Credit: AP

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