7 Reasons Why VHS Beats DVD

Be kind and rewind back to the 80s.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

There are many obvious reasons why DVDs are an improvement over VHS tapes, like picture quality and never having to adjust the goddamn “tracking.” However, some of the good folks at Reddit have valid points about why the old way was better. If you miss those bulky boxes, even just a little, you’ll appreciate these 7 reasons why VHS beats DVD:



Take this, trailer for Snow Dogs!


Fall Asleep

Zzzz… stupid menu… zzz—damn it.



The kids have a Frisbee, but they only want to toss around DVDs, because ARGH.



I wish more products came with a guilt trip you’re forced to see.


15 Years

Okay, part 2 of Space Jam – I’m finally ready for you.


Garage Sales

Unless you stole it from a federal agent’s garage sale.


Special Features

I’ll consider a lack of a special feature a special feature.


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