Theo Fleury Opens Up In New Doc

Former NHLer is the focus of "Theo Fleury: Playing With Fire."

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

A new documentary about the struggles of ex-NHL player Theo Fleury examines his life both professionally and personally.

The flick follows an autobiography by the same name, which was released in 2009 and revealed that Fleury was sexually assaulted as a teenager by a former hockey coach (he has since been arrested and put behind bars) as well as was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

"This is more of a character study about an intriguing personality who in many ways is a walking contradiction," producer/director Larry Day said to The Canadian Press – he is a Calgary-based filmmaker whose owns the company Pyramid Productions. "He's mercurial but very charismatic. He's funny, he's at times angry. He's very smart and yet he's capable of doing some foolish things. Just about anything you can imagine happening to a hockey player has happened to Theoren Fleury so it's an amazing story. And that in a nutshell makes for a good film."

Fleury's '09 book was co-written by Kirstie McLellan Day, Larry Day's wife.

Fleury played for a myriad of NHL teams including the New York Rangers, the Calgary Flames and the Colorado Avalanche, as well as participated in two Olympic Games. His battle with drugs and alcohol ultimately pushed him out of the league at just 35 years old and he officially retired in 2009. He has since become a public speaker about sexual abuse.

"For him to come forward, as famous as he is, to come forward with this story at this stage in his life is an act of courage," Day said to the CP.