Canelo Wins In Unanimous Decision

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez defended his super welterweight title against "Sugar" Shane Mosley on Saturday.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

On Saturday night, one of Mexico's brightest new stars took on his toughest challenge to date when WBC super welterweight champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (40-0-1, 29KOs) took on the always dangerous former pound-for-pound elitist "Sugar" Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39KOs).

The opening bell sounded as Mosley quickly came forward behind his jiggly jab, looking to measure and get inside on his much younger opponent.

Canelo took his time as he always does in the opening rounds to feel out the opposition. During the second, Mosley was beginning to feel the power of the younger fighter as Canelo ripped shots to the body that were accompanied by right straights over the top. You could see that Mosley was visually surprised by the weight of Canelo's punches. In the third round Mosley came forward and hit Canelo with an accidental head butt that opened up a dangerous cut above Canelo's left eye.

As the fight moved on, Mosley stood his ground as well as he can, but the younger, faster and stronger Canelo was getting the best of every exchange. Every time Mosley landed a decent shot, Canelo would respond with a combination that usually ended with Mosley taking a step back, after feeling the young champ's power.

Mosley looked more game than he has in recent fights, but he was clearly losing every which way in this fight.

During round eight Canelo turned up the heat with a one-two combination that whipped Mosley's head back every time it landed. In the ninth, Canelo ripped a huge left hook to the body and Mosley looked badly hurt. Showing a more mature style than he has in the past, Canelo didn't lunge in as he normally does when he has a fighter hurt. He did something more impressive.

He picked his shots. He picked Mosley apart.

Mosley did have another moment in round eleven when he took it to Canelo for the majority of the round, the only problem is Canelo was walking through everything Mosley gave to him. Mosley landed a thudding right hand over the top as Canelo seemed to be taking a breather until the last round.

Both men fought to the final bell and Canelo was awarded the unanimous decision with the scores of 119-109 (twice) and 118-110.

After the fight Canelo said "I tried to knock him out, he took a lot of punches but it didn't work.This is a huge fight for me. All of the experience, the cut. All of it was new."

Photo Credit: AP