Arkansas School Sued over Basketball Roster Cuts

Why this mom is taking to the 'courts' to get her son on the team.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

A good parent wants nothing but the best for their children. They want them to live completely happy, care free and vastly fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, sometimes the parents have their own vision for their child and can make some questionable decisions regarding their future that isn't very thought out. Such is the case of Teresa Bloodman.

Teresa Bloodman is an Arkansas mom who decided to go to extreme lengths when her freshman son was cut from the Maumelle High basketball team.

She is currently suing the school, the school district and the state, contending her son was treated unfairly.

In the lawsuit, Bloodman contends that the cutting of her son undermines his receiving of a full and complete education, robbing him of potential scholarship chances and infringing on his rights as an American Citizen.

From the lawsuit:

"the deprivation of the right to a full and complete education which includes competition in sports and consequently athletic scholarships impairs John Doe of a property right guaranteed under both the U.S. and State Constitutions."

Filed in October, the suit has seen months of hearings and motions but no trial date has been set. In it, Bloodman also contends that her son's dismissal from the team was a violation of the equal protection rights because the tryout was held after football season to allow football players the chance to join the team, which is not how the girls squad was selected.

Overall, this matter may never be properly settled, but honestly, should it be?

I mean, really, I know that Teresa Bloodman has only her son's best interest at heart, but it's clear that she isn't looking at the potential ramifications to her son if she wins this battle.

Would you want to be the kid who only made the team because your mommy made them take you? No.

Bloodman is setting her son up for years of constant abuse. High school is rough enough as it is. No one wants this type of attention piled up upon that, no matter how much the kid wants to play ball.

The best thing for all parties is to just let this die down and chalk it up to life lesson No. 1; you don't always get what you want.

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