Solving Supercoach and Dreamteam Round 7

Some Supercoach and Dreamteam support heading into Round 7.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Our fantasy footy heroes continue to fall straight into the doctor’s lap which is, of course, no good for the thousands of Supercoach and Dreamteam squads across the nation.

We learnt earlier this week that stud forward Adam Goodes will miss significant time, in the vicinity of six weeks, with a soft tissue strain, but I’ll get to him in a moment. First let’s have a look at the ruck situation.

A lot of owners may have been burnt last week by the absence of Nic Nat and Aaron Sandilands. Shane Mumford is still a couple of weeks away and the ruck stocks are already pretty bare, leaving options few and far between.

Had you stuck with Dean Cox, you would have been pleased. The big man collected 141 Supercoach points and has an average of 103 for a cost of $542,600. (Good story: He didn’t save an old rival’s league team in our head-to-head. With a 44-point advantage heading into the final quarter, he had Cox, Swallow and Kerr pitted against my Hamish McIntosh. A head count had my squad getting over his by a handful of points, but instead the dodgy live Supercoach scores declared him the winner. In a rage, I logged off, downed a few beers only to log on later that night to see that my boys had come out nine point winners. Thanks to the Eagles blowout, Cox was moved to full forward while Swallow disappeared completely after a 12 possession third quarter. Good story.)

McIntosh has been rewarding owners all season. He has not yet reached $500k (low price due to injury plagued 2011) but is averaging 107 through six rounds. Better yet is big Ivan Maric. Boy am I impressed with this bloke. You probably didn’t watch last weekend’s Tigers-Port dual, and rightfully so, but Maric was dominant and might’ve even picked up a couple of Brownlow votes. Unstoppable in the ruck (46 hit outs to Renouf’s 19); Maric was just as impressive when thrown down back. Playing as a roaming defender with his beautiful mullet flapping behind him, Maric roamed the flanked and picked off a number of errant deliveries. For the day he registered 129 SC points and will cost you $451,900 with an average of 99.17, a number which would be higher had he not dropped a dud 68 points in Round 2. Everything else has been 94 or above.

Stick with Jarred Redden and Orren Stephenson if you still have them on your bench. I fully expect them to play and be fantasy relevant in the coming weeks.

Now to Goodes. There are a number of good forward and dual position players available to trade, but remember- sideways trading isn’t always the best option.

  • Lance Franklin is as cheap as you will ever get him.
  • Patrick Dangerfield is in fantasy best form, just risen over $500k and has produced 141 and      122 in the last two weeks. DPP
  • Paul Chapman is below $500k and looks to be back at a good fantasy value.107 over last three. DPP
  • Matthew Pavlich has knocked out 95 and 148 in last two and is reasonably affordable. DPP Finally, Dayne Beams. Profiting for absence of Ball. 106, 98 and 137 in last three. DPP

Avoid Kurt Tippett and Tom Hawkins. Their inconsistency is brutal. Hawkins smashed out 139 against the Lions and followed it up last week with an 86 against the Demons.