FX Develops a Female Serial Killer TV Series

Chelsea Cain's "Heartsick" novels may make the transition to the popular cable network.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Move over "Dexter" and "Hannibal." A new serial killer may be coming to TV, and she's not to be taken lightly.

According to Deadline, FX is developing Chelsea Cain's novel "Heartsick" and its subsequent sequels into a potential TV series with Mikko Alanne (5 Days Of War) set to adapt the script and Geyer Kosinski ("Magic City") on board as an executive producer.

First published in 2007, "Heartsick" follows a damaged police detective named Archie Sheridan who spent a decade chasing the so-called Beauty Killer, Dr. Gretchen Lowell before she captured and tortured him for days. Gretchen then mysteriously released Archie and turned herself into the police. The "Heartsick" novel picks up some time after this as Archie returns to duty when a second serial killer emerges.

"Heartsick" was subsequently followed by three sequels, "Sweetheart," "Evil At Heart" and "The Night Season," with the fifth novel in the series, "Kill You Twice" set for release later this year.

Over on her blog, Cain laid out how the novel series would potentially be translated for TV. 

"The plan is for 'Heartsick' to be season one, season two would be 'Sweetheart,' etc," wrote Cain. "They would be short seasons, like 13 episodes."

"[Mike Alanne is] terrific," continued Cain. "Trust me, he knows the characters as well as I do, and he's a true fan of the books. So I'm thrilled!  We'll see if it gets carried all the way to fruition.  They still have to make the pilot, and then pick up the pilot. (Details!) But it's a great team and I think they're going to pull it off." 

FX is also developing "Inside," a police drama from playwright Kyle Jarrow and Philip Seymour Hoffman that follows a homicide detective who learns that his real father is a convicted serial killer. Given the linking themes, it's not clear if FX would be willing to greenlight two police shows dealing with serial killers.

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