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Want something better than cat kisses? Try these videos!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


Ladies and gentleman get your two scoops ready for some big video fun, from the cute and idiotic to some great sketches about life, vag jays and pokemon.


Dailymotion  – Cat Kisses Make Dog Smile (link)

Let’s get your day started with a big ‘Awww’ face. Not to be confused with an O face, which this dog may or may not be showing you.


Break  – Dancing In The Road Is Dangerous (link)

You’ll have to remember this for next years Cinco de Mayo festivities, drinking does not make you …

  1. Invincible to cars
  2. Graceful enough to pull off some kind of T.J. Hooker car slide
  3. Invisible to cameras that will instantly upload you to the internets.

These are the lessons, learn.


College Humor – Blood Donation (link)

My big question here is, why is Amir’s blood Orange!


Dorkly – Bug Catcher Waits (link)

Once again proving that if you catch em all, you’re probably a big jerk.


Funny Or Die – Republicans, Get In My Vagina! (link)

This seem legit. I hope all politicians start addressing more vaginas in the future campaigns we’re going to be seeing.

Hey who’s ready to run away with me and move to France?


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and grab your vote hole by the throat mouth.

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Here’s some bonus fun: