Thandie Newton Goes ‘Rogue’ on DirecTV

The actress will star in DirecTV's first original drama.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For years, DirecTV's original programming largely consisted of dramas like "Friday Night Lights" and "Damages" which were rescued when their previous networks were on the verge of cancelling them. But now DirecTV is going forward with its first drama series that didn't originate somewhere else.

DirecTV has announced that actress Thandie Newton will star in a new drama called "Rogue," which will have a ten episode first season. Newton will portray Grace, "a morally and emotionally conflicted cop" who is haunted by the notion that her actions led to the death of her son. Grace is also hinted to have had a romantic relationship with the crime boss who may have been responsible for her son's demise.

Newton is best known for her roles in Crash, Mission: Impossible II, W, The Chronicles of Riddick, For Colored Girls and Good Deeds. Newton also costarred on "ER" for several seasons.

"Rogue" was created by Matthew Parkhill (The Caller) and the series will be produced by eOne, Greenroom Entertainment and Momentum Entertainment Group in association with DirecTV. "Rogue" will air on DirecTV's Audience Network.

“There’s an excitement in the hallways of DIRECTV as 'Rogue' will be the first original series on the Audience Network that will be built from the ground up with the specific goal to provide DirecTV customers with a premium entertainment experience they can’t get anywhere else,” said DirecTV's Vice President of Entertainment, Chris Long.

Production of "Rogue" will begin this summer and it will debut on DirecTV in the summer of 2013.