10 Adventure Time Mashups

Check out these mathematically funny mashups!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time has a creative fan base, not unlike a certain Pony-based cartoon series. Lets join Finn and Jake on their craziest adventure yet, as they’re drawn into 10 different pop culture universes. Will they make it out alive? Oh my glob, just scroll down already!


The Avengers

Adventurers assemble! [via]


Star Wars

“I’m your only hope? Whoa!” [via]


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Let’s go kick history’s boo-tay! [via]


King of the Hill

That BMO ain’t right. [via]



Come to think of it, the robot and dog sound awfully similar… [via]


The Venture Bros.

In Adventure Time, The Monarch would actually be a monarch and it’d be pretty messed-up. [via]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

There’s an Ice Princess in Avatar, but don’t tell the Ice King! [via]


The Legend of Zelda

Is there a Triforce of Shmow-Zow? [via]


Calvin and Hobbes

Princesses are GROSS! [via]


Where The Wild Things Are

These guys are, like, the Kings of Rumpusing. [via]


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