This Weekend in Gaming: 5.11.2012

"Dear Mom, I love you, but I have some games to catch up on, so I won't make Sunday's dinner."

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The name of the article may have changed, but it’s still the same at heart! Welcome to “This Weekend in Gaming,” where we detail our… wait for it… weekend gaming plans. You would think after five whole days of eating, sleeping and breathing video games here at Crave we would be sick of them and need a break. Not so fast! In actuality, we treat the weekend as a holy grail of potential gaming time. Time where we can sit back sans pants, forget about bills and family and just indulge our borderline unhealthy obsession with video games. 

And that’s precisely what we plan to do. Furthermore, we intend to share our plans with you, dear readers. So enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what the Crave gaming staff has in store for this weekend (and every weekend henceforth until the end of time!), gaming wise.  

If you feel like sharing what your weekend gaming plans are, sound off in the comments below.

Lastly, we’re adding a new section at the base of this article that will act as a great “Catch Me Up” for those who don’t have the time/energy to follow gaming news on a daily basis. So if you want to know what’s hot in the industry right now, scroll down to the bottom of this article and get educated.

paulPaul Tamburro (@PaulTamburro): “I played Minecraft before it was ported to Xbox”.

The amount of video game hipsters I have heard dishing out their opinions on the massively popular independent PC game making its way to Microsoft’s console has been akin to going on holiday to Spain, only to have said holiday ruined by a belligerent drunk man repeatedly bellowing at you that Spain’s shit and you should’ve gone to Paris instead.

I have never played Minecraft on PC, as I am (for the most part) a console gamer, but I picked it up on its XBLA release and have, as was the case with you PC ‘crafters, fallen in love with it. I assume that the Xbox port isn’t as rich with content as the original, but as I spent the hours of 12am – 3am this morning doing nothing but building a sphere made out of stone in the sky. I can now personally vouch for its addictiveness. This weekend I shall be adding to my sphere – I’ve considered turning it into a Death Star. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Elsewhere I shall be playing The Sims 3 (I know I’ve stated that I’m not a PC gamer, but The Sims is honestly as far my PC gaming library stretches), where I have recently downloaded the ‘Pets’ expansion pack and am joining my girlfriend in creating all of our collective animals. 

It was initially fun watching our dogs, cats and rodents run around together, but slowly it became a case of art imitating life, with me shouting furiously at the PC screen as Misty chewed up another expensive piece of furniture. Eventually I created a horse, which I promptly mounted and rode off into the sunset, leaving Misty and her animal friends to fend for themselves. Worryingly, they seem to be doing better than they were with me there…

alexAlex Keen (@dbldn): I can see the finish line now. At least I think I can. I’m rocking 26 hours into Mass Effect 3 and I think I am close enough to wrap it up soon. So far, I am having a blast playing through the game and am so glad I picked it up sooner rather than later. While I still have some minor complaints about the game, these are few and far between. You can tell a lot of time and love went into making this game.

At a $20 price tag, I think I will be passing on Minecraft for XBLA right now. I think it’ll come down sometime in the near future and I am perfectly content with waiting. With that said, this might be the weekend that I finally pick up Journey on PSN. It’s been next on my list since I picked up Mass Effect 3 and piquing my curiosity.

Finally, with the basketball playoffs on, I have picked up a few short bursts of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. The game is as much fun as the original and perfect for 10 minutes gaps in life. Even if I have performed the same alley oop 10 times before, it’s still a blast the 11th time!

erikErik Norris (@Regular_Erik): Very little on the gaming front for me this weekend. I have a 3-day bachelor party to attend (Sorry, mom!). Unless, if by gaming you really mean boozing, then yes, I have A LOT of games to play. 

I will, however, be bringing my Vita with me for some Hot Shots Golf action while recovering from the previous night’s festivities. It’s an easy enough game to pick up and play, requiring very little brain activity to perform well. That’s exactly what I’ll need. Trying to stress test my cranium after a heavy night of drinking would obviously be the worst idea in the world. So Hot Shots it is. 

As a side note, I plan to continuously tell my buddies how pumped I am for Max Payne 3 as I get progressively more drunk. It’s going to get obnoxious. So I might be coming home from this trip with a black eye for all the wrong reasons. 

Now you’re probably wondering what are the right reasons, aren’t you? Think about it… 

mikeMike White (@theWhitestMike): The past two weeks wound up with me in somewhat of a gaming black hole. My only saving grace was managing to get League of Legends on my laptop that isn’t necessarily mine, but shouldn’t really have games on it. I won’t talk about that any further. 

I’m looking forward to finally being home and within reach of my PC. I know Joey will be grateful to have me around again so we can actually play all the games I talked up before he built his PC, but haven’t found the time to get on together. My main priority is installing TERA and diving head first into the game. 

I don’t have much time left before the next Diablo comes out and takes over my life once again. I’d love to think that my schedule will settle down and I’ll be able to devote my full attention to gaming next week, but who knows. I’ll just do my best with the time I have this weekend. 

joeyJoey Davidson (@JoeyDavidson): I need a break, man. I’m playing one game and one game only this weekend. That single title that will earn my affections as all others are cast aside until Monday morning rolls around?

Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not even that I’m particularly in love with the game (I’ll save my full opinion for our review, due out next week), it’s that I need to play the ever-loving crap out of it in order to flesh out my thoughts. I’ve been flipping and flopping all over this thing. I love it, I hate it, I like it, I don’t…

It’s a Nintendo sports game. It should be good and arrive with the standard we’ve come to expect. Yet, somehow, it manages to constantly achieve and fail at that during my time with it.

So, while the baby is crawling around and the wife is yelling, I’ll be on the couch with Mario and his gang. Nerd life.

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