Fight Erupts at Lingerie Football All-Star Game

The action on the field got a little more heated than anyone could have predicted, and it wasn't between who you might think.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

When the Lingerie Football League announced that it was canceling it's 2012 United States season in order to prepare for a revamped and expanded game in 2013, there were many boos heard across the states. Fans of watching the scantily clad women were heartily disappointed. However, while Americans grumbled, fans in Mexico and Australia cheered, as part of the league's offseason promotional schedule included trips to the two countries for 'all-star' games.

The first of these attention-reaping games were held last Saturday in Mexico City and drew in roughly 15,000 people to watch the half-naked women passing around the pigskin.

While the action was par for the course — with the proper proportions of jiggling and girl on girl violence — it was an incident between two men that harbored the most attention coming out of this affair.

During the game, there was a kickoff that sailed out of bounds; and though it sounds like a common occurance, there was something that happened during that was offensive enough to cause both head coaches to meet in the center of the field and start cursing at one another; followed by the swinging of fists.

That's right, with the ladies standing in disbelief, head coach Tony Nguyen stormed the field after the kickoff and headed straight for opposing head coach Chandler Brown. When the two met, the vocals were heated and were shared with all — thanks to the mics the two were wearing.

To listen to the audio, Nguyen was miffed that Brown would kick it out of bounds during an all-star game. In fact Nguyen, within 20 seconds, referred to the 'F#%king all-star game' seven times while chest bumping Brown and getting into a short bear lock before security had to separate them.

While the whole thing seemed somewhat contrived — and who wouldn't put it past a league looking for attention to encourage some sort of light brawl to spark interest — it just goes to show that not every man can be entranced by a group of ladies in lingerie running down a field.

The LFL will hold another one of these All-Star games in June when they travel to Australia.

Photo Credit: AP

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