10 Nerdy Bathroom Wall Graffiti

"For a good time, call The Ghostbusters: 555-2368"

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A lot of the same kinds of stuff gets written on bathroom walls, like penises and the occasional penis-based monster. Leave it to nerds to break out of the mold and inject math, pop culture references and critical analysis into this most exhaulted forum. Here are 10 nerdy bathroom wall graffiti:


Loading Bar

“Would you like to install into the toilet? [Okay]” [via]


Study = Fail (?)

Your fancy formulas won’t save you from that test on Thursday. [via]



Lousy mutants need their own drinking fountains, too. [via]


Dr. Who

I guess angel statues need to use the bathroom just like the rest of us. [via]


Shark Facts

Shark Week just got personal. [via]



What if my problem is having to clean up bathroom graffiti? [via]


Everyone’s A Critic

I wonder what the AV Club thought about this wall. [via]


Star Wars

Hopefully, you won’t have to use much “Force.” [via]


A Dissection of the Word “Boob”

Brilliant analysis! [via]


Harry Potter

It really spells in there. [via]


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