Prepare for Diablo III’s Launch With This Handy Trailer

Get educated on the inner workings of Blizzard’s latest opus.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Blizzard will be unleashing Diablo III on the masses tomorrow. For longtime fans of the series, tomorrow represents a day twelve years in the making. Newcomers, however, might not understand the appeal of Blizzard’s loot-grabbin’, dungeon-crawlin’ franchise.

Let the below video educate you on why the Diablo experience is an important one.

It’s all about tearing through the game’s randomly generated dungeons for that sweet, sweet loot. You can choose to fly solo, or team up with four friends to fend off the armies of Hell.

Let this trailer tide you over until 12am tonight when players can finally reenter the world of Sanctuary to partake in the battle of Heaven versus Hell.

Stay tuned to CraveOnline within the next week for a review of Diablo III.