Will There Really Be a ‘Millenium’ Movie?

Chris Carter's other conspiracy series might finally make the transition to the big screen, says star Lance Henriksen.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


If you're a big fan of the Fox television series "Millenium" (you know you're out there), you are allowed to cautiously pump your first with optimistic hopefulness, because according to series star Lance Henriksen, there may finally be a Millenium movie on the way.

After the enormous success of "The X-Files" in the early 1990s, it seemed like series creator Chris Carter probably had a free pass to produce whatever he wanted. He opted for an even drearier conspiracy series, about Frank Black (Henriksen), a serial killer profiler (all the rage at the time… remember "Profiler?") involved with the mysterious "Millennium Group." The show opened big but the ratings gradually declined over the show's three seasons. We remember it best for the amazing second season finale, which ended the world, and the third season premiere, which had to awkwardly backtrack a bit in order to keep going. After the series' cancellation, Carter opted for a crossover episode with "The X-Files," appropriately titled "Millennium," which acted as a replacement finale for Frank Black.

Coming Soon reported on a recent press junket for "TRON Uprising," where Henriksen expressed his belief that a Millenium movie could very well be in the cards: "I think it's going to happen […] I really do… There's a big push on right now and there's a lot of crazy people involved in it. They've written a book with interviews with everybody that was on the show including [Frank] Spotnitz and me… It's crazy that you wouldn't give it a shot. It doesn't have to be a $30 million movie either. There's a lot of fans out there in 65 countries. I can't go into any other country without them wondering when the movie is going to be made."

Henriksen goes on to suggest that the series' concept could very well be more relavent today than ever before: "Ever since 9/11, the world has changed so radically […] If 'Millennium' was made today with those characters, it would be a far more interesting show than the limited palette they had with serial killers."

For more of Lance Henriksen's thoughts on the potential Millennium movie, read the full report at Coming Soon.

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