‘Justice League International’ Ends at #12

DC axes another of the New 52 titles, but this one might be in line for a revamp/relaunch of some sort...

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League International #12

DC's New 52 started out strong, but since its debut, six titles have been cancelled and replaced with new efforts. Today, we get word that one more book has gotten the ax – Justice League International will be ending with August's #12.

The cover solicit advertises the funeral for Rocket Red, and saying several members of the team resign.


JLI #12


However, DC has already said in September they're going to have a bunch of #0 issues to show stuff that happened before the #1 issues. There will also be a late August JLI Annual scheduled to be written by Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio, claiming to tie into the "shocking" events of JLI #12 and that it's essentially where DiDio is going to end the tale of O.M.A.C. by revealing his true nature – since his own book was one of those first New 52 titles cancelled. Also of note is that Batwing #12 features the JLI on the cover as well, as he's recently joined that team.

The fact that Johns, who's currently writing the main Justice League title, is stepping in for the JLI Annual that is asking the question "is this the final adventure ever for the Justice League International?" would seem to indicate that there are plans afoot for some kind of revamp or relaunch (they do love a re-launch). The most recent issue of Justice League dealt with trying to get the team to open itself up to new members, after all, and Green Arrow tried his damnedest to be one of them – only to be recruited by Steve Trevor for a different, unrevealed team. Will they trot out a Justice League Elite, perhaps, to coincide with the release of the animated film Superman vs. The Elite?  Or is it just getting canceled like any other book would?

Let the speculation begin.