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Today is full of fail!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From amazing betrays of physic and gravity to an English teacher who doesn’t know English, we’ve got some great videos from the front pages of the video kings of comedy.


Dailymotion  – Buster's Box Accident (link)

And this is how droids are made!


Break  – Drunk Girl Forgets About Physics (link)

Nailed it! 9.0, in your face gravity!


Podpocalypse – Somebody give it to her already! (link)

Ever hear somebody say a word you’ve only ever seen written down? Oh man, is this chicks face gonna be red… unless it’s already gonna be white.


Weirder still is she pronounces Pepsi like ‘Take me behind the dumpster of this 7-11’ weird.

College Humor – Office Party (link)

Dinosaur office takes a sad turn with some prehistoric jealousy. And get your duckbill out of my face!


Dorkly – Sub-Zero's Glasses Are Broken (link)

I would now like all fighting games to begin with the combatants emptying their pockets, so I don’t feel bad for them getting their sh*t smashed.


Funny Or Die – Clip Cup 4.Live: Campus Climpus (link)

All I can say is more David Ferguson please.

Yea, so whatever that was about. I think at 8 minute, this could be cut down to a 15 second highlight with some actual funny things. But whatever.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and teach physics who’s the man!

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Here’s some bonus fun: