Daniel Tosh Fans Have Gone Off The Deep End

I think Tosh is funny, but whoever is behind this should be contacted by the proper authorities.  It's creepy.

Nathan Hemleyby Nathan Hemley

Like many people my age, mid-twenties, I’m a fan of Daniel Tosh and of course his show Tosh.0.  I find myself visiting his blog on Comedy Central’s Web site on a regular basis. (Even while at work…)(Ok, especially while at work.)  Last night I decided to search around the net to learn some more stuff about ol’ D-Train and found this weird site.  I’m assuming it’s a fan made site of some kind.


Here are the Top 3 oddities I find on the site:

A more than slightly disturbing song about Daniel Tosh “touching me” that this fan obviously made on his computer at home.  I have a feeling that this guy is not talking about being touched emotionally… I think he may have some sort of attraction to D-Tosh that I’m not sure I want to know more about.

There is a long list of photos that have been posted on the site.  I don’t know if this dude is going around and talking people into being creepy with him, but he IS getting people to hold up signs and paint their faces and all other kinds of stuff to “pay tribute” to their undying devotion to Daniel Tosh.

Finally, everything says “5.29” on it and there is some arbitrary clock at the top of the page counting down to God knows what.  Possibly the day that Daniel Tosh gets chased down Sunset Boulevard by whoever this borderline stalker is.


Regardless, my love for Daniel Tosh and his show still holds strong.  Now I’m just worried for him.  I don’t’ want some over-obsessed crazy person who makes creepy fan sites to harm him. 

If you want to see the site for yourself here it is: Tosh 5.29


Photo Credit: Awesomeness…