Funny Videos of Animal Attacks

Man goes into cage, cage goes into petting zoo. Goats in the petting zoo. Our goat.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It’s easy to forget as human beings we are very easily replaceable as top of the food chain. And one of the great reminders of that fact is an animal attack. Afraid of sharks? Don’t worry — you’re just as screwed on land.

We here at CRAVE think it’s downright funny when people get attacked by animals. And to prove that, we compiled some hilarious videos of HUMANS GETTING ATTACKED BY ANIMALS!

Take a look:


Kangaroo Beats The Crap Out of a Woman!

This Kangaroo will be facing Anderson Silva at UFC 163.



Like slapping God in the face.


Mess With The Bull, Son, You'll Get The Horns

This is an actual simulation on prison rape.


Fat Guy Gets Nailed By A Sheep

Notice how the sheep doesn't get mad until the guy walks behind him. 



This Chimp was trained at the Kobra Kai Dojo.


Deer Gets Their Chance to Fight Back!


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