8 Funny Versions of “What Is Love?”

Your Night at the Roxbury is just beginning!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Saturday Night Live saw great potential in the breakout sketch “A Night at the Roxbury.” However, like many SNL films based on sketches, the 1998 Will Ferrell / Chris Kattan vehicle flopped. Years later, the internets resurrected “What Is Love” (the song is by Trinidadian singer Haddaway) as an internet meme and now the Butabis will head-bob forever. Here are 8 funny versions of “What Is Love”:


What Is D’oh?

Whatever it is, Homer’s not happy about it.


What Is 8-Bit?

Baby, don’t hurt me no more… by stomping on my koopa shell.


What Is Quack?

This video is just ducky.


What Is Joker?

Why so serious? Loosen up, Bats!


What is Trolololove?

The longer you listen, the weirder you feel.


What Is Half-Life?

Now I’m craving donuts, for some reason.


What is South Park?

I don’t know what love is, but I love this video.


What Is Love For 10 Hours?

The Never-ending Night At The Roxburyyyyyyy.


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