Lakers Guard Received Death Threats After Game 2 Loss

This Lakers guard and his wife came face-to-face with the underbelly of fame.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

For all the money, fame, and the perks associated with being a famous athlete in a famous town, there is also a sad and disturbing reality to it all as well. That reality is there are always going to be people that take the game way too seriously, and those people will make themselves known in disturbing fashion.

Steve Blake of the Los Angeles Lakers learned the hard way after missing a possible game-winning three-point shot at the buzzer during the end of Game two against Oklahoma City.

Blake, a backup point guard in his second year with the team, started feeling the 'love' from Lakers fans soon after the missed shot, getting hate mail and death threats tweeted to him and his wife.

The threats and negativity were so overwhelming that Kristen Blake, Steve's wife, blocked more than 500 people.

"I hope your family gets murdered," read one tweet that Kristen Blake re-tweeted along with a single comment: "Wow."

Naturally, these type of tweets angered the point guard, who spoke to reporters about the mass of negativity.

"You can come at me all you want but when you say things about my wife and my kids, that makes me upset." Blake said.

This just goes to show that while being a sports fan is great, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed; one that was crossed by a number of people after the Lakers demoralizing game two loss. Taking your sports seriously is one thing, but threatening the lives of innocent people is just plain stupid.

The Lakers look to get back into the series, which they trail 0-2, when they meet the Thunder on Friday night at 10:30.

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