Funny Pages – Animal Superstars

Dancing birds, biking dogs. The animals rule the disco.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

If there was a theme today it’s animals doing things humans do, and it’s creepy. But there’s also some great sketch comedy videos and laughs to be had from all over the web, where videos are going viral left and right.


Dailymotion  – Dancing Bird Teaches You How To Dougie (link)

This is actually less tutorial than the title suggests, I didn’t learn a single dance step. But my talons look amazing!


Break  – Dog Learns To Ride A Bicycle (link)

They’re evolving!?  I’d tell you to run, but they have bikes, so… run faster!


Good boy Norman.


Podpocalypse – I’m you from the Future of Pants (link)

Back from the future.., oh it’s me. Hi Me.

This just reminds me, I want my hover board!


College Humor – Hugh Jackman's Teacher Interview (link)

Hugh Jackman has a new career lined up, one where he can finally be a super star.


Funny Or Die – Sexy Daddy with Dave Foley (link)

I think this explains why the Kids in the Hall were doomed to break up, they just couldn’t keep up with Dave Foley’s sexiness. And here I always thought Bruce Mccullough, was the sexy one. I mean that’s what he told me when I had to do him.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth, grab your jet pack and let’s get back to the future!

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